Fipronil 0.9%&Abemectin 0.5% Pour on

Short Description:

Total tick control against blue ticks, multi-host tick and broad spectrum roundworm
Against all external parasites,such as lice,flea,larvae,mosquito,fly,acarid,etc.

Product Detail


Endectocide pour-on for bovines,goat,sheep,swine,dog.

Total tick control against blue ticks, multi-host tick and broad spectrum roundworm.

Against all external parasites,such as lice,flea,larvae,mosquito,fly,acarid,etc.

It helps controlling internal parasites.

Each 100 mL contains:

Fipronil………………………… 0.9 g

AVERMECTIN…………………0.5 g

Excipients….…………100.0 mL

Withdrawal period and precautions:

Meat: 122 days

Not to be used in females producing milk or in pregnant females 3 months prior to calving.

It is not advisable to apply on wet animals; if rain fall occurs within 2 hours after the application, the product effectiveness may decrease.

Route of administration and dosage:

Topical use, pour-on.

Apply on the back of the animal from the neck to the base of the tail.

Cattle,goat,sheep,swine,dog:1mL of Fipronil 0.9%&Avermectin 0.5% pour-on every 10 kg of weight, equivalent to 500 µg Avermectin/kg l.w. and 0.9 mg Fipronil/kg. l.w.

For ticks eradication in land, the treatment should be repeated every 35 days.

Suggested dosage:

kg. of live weight dose/mL

50-200 kg.  20 mL

200-300 kg. 30 mL

300-400 kg. 40 mL

400-500 kg. 50 mL


1. Open the cap of the measure bottle.

2. Squeeze the bottle to make the drug flow in the measure bottle.

3.Keep the measure Bottle Mouth above and another one below, pour on animal the right amount of drug solution.( For cattle and pigs, pour on the skin along center line on body back from the shoulder )

1. The medicine does not pass through the liver first and will not decompose partly , so the effect is better 

than oral drugs.
2. It can avoid the phenomenon of peak and valley in the drug absorption process, reduce the side effects 

and extend the duration of efficacy.
3. The administration area and dose can be changed freely according to different size of animals.
4. It fully reflects the advantage of percutaneous absorption preparations for anti-parasitic diseases. 

It provides a new route of administration for the prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases.


Manufactured by:

Baoding Sunlight Herb Medicament Co.,Ltd

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