About Us

About us


As a subsidiary of Jizhong Pharmaceutical Group, Hebei Teamtop Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the overseas marketing and international trading of all products manufactured by the Group.

Founded in 1992, Jizhong Pharmaceutical Group has been leading the veterinary medicine industry for more than 31 years. As the largest poultry medicine supplier and Top 3 veterinary medicine manufacturer in China, we are a national high-tech enterprise and a famous brand in the industry. We mainly produce Albendazole Bolus, Albendazole Suspension, Enrofloxacin Injection, Oxytetracycline Injection, Ivermectin Injection, GMP pharmaceutical & veterinary and etc...

What we have

With 6 GMP-certified production bases, 14 workshops and 26 production lines, the Group has developed range of products which are popular all around China and markets abroad. So far we have built a wide, multi-level and functional customer channel covering 4000 loyal dealers,60000 culturists, 2500 large breeding farms and 56 breeding groups, establishing cooperative relationships with 90% of large breeding corporations in China and exporting to South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

  • 2014, Chinese Herb Medicine for Animal Use Engineering & Technology Center of Hebei Province has been approved.

  • 2013, Baoding Jizhong Biological Technology Co., Ltd started to construct.

  • 2012, Hebei Teamtop Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded and put into operation. Tianjin Haowei Biological Technology Co., Ltd started to construction.

  • 2011, Shijiazhuang Chemical Center was established and put into operation.

  • 2009, Tianxiang Biological & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Sunlight Herb Co., Ltd passed GMP inspection & acceptance by Ministry of Agriculture.

  • 2008, Beijing Jiucaotang Research Center was established.

  • 2007, Jizhong International Trading Department was founded.

  • 2006, 5 workshops and 7 production lines met dynamic GMP standards.

  • 2003, Jizhong became the first company in China who have passed GMP (static) in a large scale.

  • 1993, Jizhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was put into production.

  • 1992, Jizhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was registered and started to construction.


We will continue to lead the industry, be committed to pursing “highly praised by society, highly respected by counterparts and employees”, and make efforts to be a large professional group company with great popularity, reputation and loyalty, protecting the modern breeding industry.